“It takes more than just a product page to sell to your customers. A detailed website content for E-commerce online store is essential if you want to  increase your website sales.”

The online shopping experience in comparison to a decade ago has evolved as technology changes.  Ecommerce businesses are more competitive and as a result, business owners should ensure that their website, mainly their product page has certain elements to give your target customer a user’s experience to ensure sales and returning customers.

Many business owners think that if they have a product page that’s enough to sell their product but to experts, that’s not enough?  Take Amazon for example with are over 500 million products. To be able to sell their product online, they have to stand out from competition and attract the attention of their customers to make them want to buy.

Having a properly designed product detail page is a no-brainer for the Web Developers at WE BE ON IT.  To assist our readers, we have customized an infographic of 49 elements that are a must for your product page to be successful with your online sales conversion.

We have grouped them into different categories of Above the fold, Below the fold, Footer, SEO and Technical requirements and definitions for each are explained for you to get a better understanding.

  • Above fold – is the attention grabber section to get the customers to stay on the site and to scroll down.
  • Below the fold –  is for interested customers. Products details, variation, reviews and other features are shown here.
  • Footer, SEO, and Technical requirements – this section has more information about the company.

Above the fold includes:

1. A contact phone number
2. A navigation search bar
3. Bold description of the product
4. Five (5) start review of the product Example Schema.org integration
5. Multiple pictures of the featured products
6. Video of the product – this increase conversion especially when shared on social media
7. Price of the product both regular and sale
8. Product quantity
9. Free shipping or the shipping cost
10. Product variation eg. Size, color
11. Call to action bottom eg. Add to cart, wishlist or buy now
12. List the most important information of the product that matters to buyers
13. Social Media shared icons- help with marketing and directing more traffic to your site

Below the fold includes:

14. Detailed Product Description
15. Product SKU or Code- UPC codes give the uses the ability to compare prices
16. Clean and easy font to read
17. Recommended product dimension and high-resolution pictures
18. Weight of the product as it relates to the product
19. Origin of the product
20. Comparison table of the listed products and models
21. A more detailed customer review
22. Call to action button below the product
23. A section for FAQ or help section
24. Related products
25. Return policy- 67% check return policy when buying online
26. Include guarantees and warranties if applicable

Footer, SEO & Technical requirement includes:

27. Contact information
28. Return and shipping policy
29. Link to the main product page
30. Link to share on social media
31. Newsletter and signup feature


32. Optimize meta title page
33. Optimize meta description
34. Use H1 tag for name of product
35. Alt tags for each product
36. Integration of Google analytics
37. Integration of Google Search tab
38. Search engine user-friendly URL

Technical Requirement:

39. Ensure that page is mobile responsive
40. Cross browser compatible
41. Ensure page is mobile friendly
42. Optimize loading speed – users will get frustrated and leave.
In conclusion,  if you implement these 49 elements, we can guarantee that your ROI will increase drastically along with your marketing campaigns. Let’s us help you with building your website and we can guarantee that these 49 elements will be added to your product page.

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